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Jaclyn Rini Influencer at BrandAmbassador

“Enormous boost! As one of the first partnerships with BrandAmbassador, I didn’t really know what to expect. But the idea of hosting my own giveaway, with their help, intrigued me. The product offerings fit perfectly with my followers. My goal was ultimately to receive a free product, engage with my audience, and reward my following. Little did I know, the campaign took off and as a big bonus to participating was the enormous attention boost I got; I grew over 250 followers in 3 days. WOW! They also were a dream to work with. I definitely want to do more giveaways with BrandAmbassador in the future!”

Maria Gill Influencer at BrandAmbassador

“I loved working with Brand Ambassador, They had great communication and were able to help me as influencer grow my brand.”



    5 Awesome Ideas To Replenish Your Content Inspiration


    There’s never a dull moment on the internet. From Instagram to TikTok to YouTube to Snapchat, there’s always something new to see, hear, or try.  When returning to the online world after a night of sleep, don’t be surprised to have missed Instagram posts, lives, reels, or stories. New trends pop up every minute. Sometimes …


    5 Reasons Why You Should Work With Nano Influencers


    Collaborating with influencers has become an essential part of an effective marketing strategy. Traditionally, brands have focused on big-name influencers with large followings. And with audiences of over 100,000, it’s easy to think that a macro influencer will pave the way to fame and fortune for your brand and product. In the end, it’s not …


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