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You Are a Gardener...

Like a gardener, you want to see your flowers grow and blossom. Or, in this case, you love to see your follower count go up and up and up. Until it reaches unprecedented highs. It’s your goal to bypass Kim K’s follower count. Becoming a household name, that’s your ultimate influencer dream.

You Are a Passionista...

As a Passionista, you have passion to spare. Whether it’s animal welfare, bullet journaling, or solving world hunger, you want to let others know how it’s accomplished. With devotion, you share on your social media platform. Watching your followers live their dreams while saving the world, that’s your ultimate influencer dream.

You Are a Boss Babe...

As a Boss babe, you know what’s up. You are always one step ahead of the new trends. Your Instagram is a sight for sore eyes. Not only that, you have brought the algorithm to its knees and conquered the hurdles of social media. Growing your social media empire with beautiful and inspirational content, that’s your ultimate influencer dream.

You Are a Freebie...

As a Freebie, you love the excitement of receiving an unexpected gift at your door. And—even better—you can’t wait to unwrap the product and put it to use. Is it worth the hype? You’re the one who’s going to find out and let the general public know. Filming an unboxing video and having a record number of viewers, that’s your ultimate influencer dream.

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